St. John's Academy Welcomes You

St. John’s Academy, is a Christian minority institution run by the Franciscan Capuchin Fathers of Prem Jyoti Capuchin Region, India . The Capuchins residing at St. Joseph’s Ashram, Jwala Nagar, are responsible for its functioning. AIMS: The Capuchins consider it as part of their Sacred duty to impart knowledge and mould the character of those entrusted to their care. With this objectives, they aim to an integral education of students: intellectual, social, moral, psychological and physical. The intellectual education is sought to be given by way of a course of studies that is suited to the mental development of the students. The choice of the course of studies is governed by the consideration that it serves as a solid foundation … Continue reading

Manager’s Message

St. John’s Academy truly is a wonderful place for the children to learn and grow. We provide a small, family atmosphere where the child’s body, mind, and spirit are nurtured. St. John’s Academy’s educational philosophy is the development of the Whole Child. Spiritual and moral values are stressed side-by-side with intellectual, physical, academic, and technological ideals. The students are encouraged to introspect and discover their innate talents. Giving wings to their imagination and igniting their power of expression has been our objective. We wish to empower our students with an opinion, a vision, and a thought of their own as we know that these young minds are going to take our nation to greater heights.St. John’s Academy truly is a … Continue reading

Principal’s Message

Among the various organs of education the school is of outstanding importance. School nurtures the intellectual faculties of the students as well as develops a capacity for sound judgement.. Education is much more than preparation for a career or a means of acquiring skills for a particular profession. Students are the hope of society and the future of the nation. So here at St. John’s we aim at the all round formation of the human person with a view of empowering the person to create a society inspired by the values of service in Love, peace rooted in justice and a fellowship based on equality. Our aim is to produce persons with thought and feeling with eagerness to share, and … Continue reading

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